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Oftentimes a child excels in a group environment rather than alone.  Amongst peers, a child sometimes feels a certain level of ease which allows for more productive therapy time.  Also, closely monitored peer-pressure in a safe environment can give a child additional support and courage to try something new that a therapist cannot otherwise provide alone.

Feeding Camp

A group designed to help picky eaters try new foods through play.

The group is lead by Ms. Dawn and her feeding team. The group session is therapeutic in nature focusing on developmental feeding milestones, social skills and… FUN! Our feeding group will help your child learn to interact with new foods and eventually eat them through play and social peer pressure from their new-found friends in the group!

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When picky eaters try a new food but refuse more of it, say “thank you for trying it” & move on. This encourages food exploration & decreases food anxiety!



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