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We offer evaluations, treatment and parent-friendly reports. Schedule an appointment by emailing us at appointments@SpectrumSpeech.com or by calling our office at (855) 252-9300.

The first step to getting treatment is getting diagnosed.
Individual Therapy
Fun, one-on-one sessions that keep therapy focused on your child.
For those that enjoy the extra socialization that comes from a group.
Get training for you, a family member or a therapist on your team!
Want us to present to your group or club? Ms. Dawn loves talking!
The least fun, but essential part of treatment and health care.
  • Services listed are to be scheduled in advance and paid for at the time of service.
  • Parent-friendly forms will be sent to you when you schedule an appointment with us.
  • Services listed here are also available for out-of-state clients given that travel and hotel arrangements are provided for Ms. Dawn.
  • An alternative to travel is the usage of Phone Consultations & Skype Consultations.
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If you spoon feed a child a new food without their ‘visual’ permission you will lose their trust. Visual input is key!



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