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We’ve provided a list of resources to help you.  We have used all of these services/products ourselves, either for therapy or personally, and feel confident in recommending them to you. Please note that these are not sponsors, although we do participate as an affiliate with some of these vendors.



Juice Plus+ BottlesJuice Plus+
The next best thing to fruits and vegetables! Juice Plus+ is a great way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet. JuciePlus+ provides nutrition from 17 fruits, vegetables and grains, and is a whole food based product. Enjoy the benefits of good health, discover JuicePlus+ today! (Dawn’s own Juice Plus+ website)

New Beginnings Mini-BannerNew Beginnings Nutritional
This website offers vitamins and supplements for those with chronic health issues including ADD, pervasive developmental disorder, autism, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, or autoimmune conditions. Their products are free of Gluten/casein, and most common allergens. New Beginnings is “Helping Children, Adults, and Families Make a Difference.”

B Candy logoB Candy
B Candy is not your average candy store, it’s a delightfully sweet adventure! They are dedicated to all things sweet, and it truly is a candy lover’s paradise! B Candy carries GFCF candies too! “You Can’t Be Any Sweeter!”

Sensitive Sweets LogoSensitive Sweets
Orange County’s original dedicated Gluten-free BAKERY Freshly Baked, Allergen-free, Low sugar, No Trans Fats… It’s Nutritious and Delicious! Everything at Sensitive Sweets is yummy, but Spectrum Speech especially loves the chocolate cupcakes! EVERYONE deserves a Treat!!!

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Autism Action Plan LogoAutism Action Plan
This is an amazing website for parents. This physician-directed website is geared toward teaching parents with children on the Autistic Spectrum. In most cases, Dr. Woeller answers parent’s questions within a few hours! He even hosts two LIVE video chats where parents can ask their questions and he answers them LIVE on your computer screen! I too host a LIVE video chat on Tuesday nights at 7pm. I encourage all of you to try the website out for a month, I guarantee you will find the information helpful for recovering your child!

DSA OC LogoDown Syndrome Association of Orange County
A brilliant resource for parents; this site has TONS of information! The organization was founded by parents who wanted to empower people with Down Syndrome to reach their full potential. Who better than parents to guide, support and nurture an individual on their life journey?

Life on the Roller Coaster LogoLife on the Roller Coaster
Teri Hirning’s son has autism. She blogs about her journey including things that she has learned along the way, information on the biomedical treatment protocol and what has/hasn’t worked. This website is filled with valuable information about autism, GFCF diet, health, nutrition, therapy, and offers amazing links and resources. An amazing blog not to be missed!

Nourishing Hope LogoNourishing Hope
Nourishing Hope is an autism nutrition practice run by Julie Matthews and is dedicated to the health and healing of children with autism through diet and nutrition intervention. Parents can affect immediate improvement in their children through informed and empowered food choices. By making intentional omissions and additions, healing autism diets help children become healthier and less symptomatic. Learn how to help your child through diet and nutrition.

Autism Biomedical Connections LogoAutism Biomedical Connections
ABC is an Arizona biomedical support group located on the East side. It is a support group for parents who are using or are interested in learning about biomedical interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Today I Ate A Rainbow - BannerToday I Ate A Rainbow!
These products are perfect for helping you set healthy eating habits for your child. The kit consists of a colorful rainbow chart and bright cartoon magnets that will allow your children to easily track the fruits and vegetables they eat throughout the day. If you want your kids ASKING for fruits and veggies, get your Rainbow Kit today!

Oralflo CupOralflo Technologies
Oralflo Technologies are the creators of the Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup. It was designed to help you and your child swallow pills without anxiety. The Oralflo Cup works by allowing the natural swallowing reflex to help pills go down smoothly. Alleviate pill anxiety and get your Oralflo Cup today! Use coupon code “Dawn” to get a discount!

Emily Press LogoEmilyPress Labels
EmilyPress designs fun, fashionable labels for kids and adults. The collection of stylish, functional and durable sticky labels speaks to modern kids, hip youths and savvy grown-ups. A great way to keep track of belongings! Practical and adorable!

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Cutting Edge ConceptsCutting Edge Concepts
Cutting Edge Concepts is an amazing team that will listen to you and make a site that reflects who you are and what your passion is! Look at our site-it’s beautiful!! It’s my favorite color, it has waves reflecting where we are located-Newport Beach and hands down- the most adorable logo! The site also projects our obsessions: kids, communicating, eating, teamwork and having FUN!

Sensory TimeSensory Time
Sensory time is an environment that helps children develop their sensory processing skills, fine- & gross-motor skills and social skills.

Svoboda Studios
Fidel is an integral member of Svoboda photography studio. His specialty is in food and product photography, and offers still/film/digital/stock photography. Fidel is an extremely talented photographer and has captured many amazing images for us at Spectrum Speech & Feeding!

Lindamood-Bell offers instructional programs that teach children and adults to read, spell, comprehend, think critically, and express language. Their programs are scientifically validated, and
“enhance learning for all people, for all ages… for life.”
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When feeding a picky eater, think about their emotional, physical & psychological needs, as well as their hunger.


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