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Feeding Therapy

Feeding, eating and swallowing issues are often tricky and hard to categorize by both physicians and parents alike. Usually parents and medical professionals state that the child in question is a “stubborn eater” or a “picky eater.”

In order to really understand and classify a feeding or swallowing problem we need to recognize the difference between a being “picky” and having a “disorder”. If any of these describe your child, you are not alone – we can help!

  • A child that has a Feeding Disorder has difficulties with eating, sucking, chewing and swallowing different categories of food as well as different textures of food, resulting in the child’s refusal to eat and try new foods.
  • A child who has a Swallowing Disorder (Dysphagia) has difficulties with either moving and/or sensing their tongue, lips, jaw, or cheeks to swallow food, liquids and pills accurately and safely from the mouth to the stomach while keeping their airway protected.
  • A child who is a Picky Eater, eats at least 30 foods but can be fussy about eating particular textures, food groups or trying new foods.

If you suspect your child might have a feeding and/or swallowing disorder you can either sign up for an evaluation or if you already have a diagnosis, sign up for therapy.

If you think your child has picky eating habits that could use some intervention, you can also either sign up for an evaluation or if you already have a diagnosis, sign up for therapy.

For more information about what services we offer, check out our Services page.

For more information from American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, our governing body, please visit Roles of Speech-Language Pathologists in Swallowing and Feeding Disorders

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When feeding a picky eater, think about their emotional, physical & psychological needs, as well as their hunger.


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