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Roberto Torres, B.S.
IT / Marketing Director

Salutations! I’m Roberto and I support the therapy team in any way that is needed to help our clients achieve their goals. From maintaining computers, updating our website, creating forms, streamlining processes at the clinic or completing invoicing, I get my fulfillment from supporting the therapists at Spectrum Speech & Feeding and knowing that they are making the world a better place for families.

I am excited that my computer knowledge can play such a vital role in our company’s internal infrastructure and our company’s participation in social media. I enjoy helping families gain valuable information and education through Ms. Dawn’s social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LIVE webinars and national conferences. As a member of the conference team, I set up the conference booths, live webinar platforms, graphics and presentations.

I am passionate about making technology work for non-techies. My goal is to continue to find creative uses of technology to help our clients, ensuring the best possible therapeutic outcome. I want our services and information as accessible as possible. That means I want our website to be effortless, our invoices to be easy to track and for you to know what we’re doing next. If you have suggestions for how we can improve in any avenue of our company, please drop me a line at feedback@spectrumspeech.com.

On a more personal note, I LOVE software development, gaming and martial arts.

See you online! Hi-ya!
Cheers, Roberto

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When picky eaters try a new food but refuse more of it, say “thank you for trying it” & move on. This encourages food exploration & decreases food anxiety!


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