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The Team

Our team undergoes weekly training seminars directed by Ms. Winkelmann and we are encouraged to attend continuing education seminars each month. Under the leadership and guidance of Dawn Winkelmann’s wide scope of practice you will be sure to notice the uniqueness of our Spectrum Speech & Feeding staff!

Portrait of Ms. Dawn
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Dawn Winkelmann, M.S., CCC-SLP
Owner / Clinical Director
Speech Language Pathologist / Feeding Specialist

Portrait of Roberto
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Roberto Torres, B.S.
IT / Marketing Director


Portrait of Abby
Abbyspeech bubble

Abby Winkelmann Torres
Therapy Dog

Portrait of Ms. Sabrina
Ms. Sabrinaspeech bubble

Sabrina Hogan, A.A., SLPA
Clinical Manager
Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Portrait of Ms. Alicia
Ms. Aliciaspeech bubble

Alicia Andrews, A.A., SLPA
Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Portrait of Ms. Joanna
Ms. Joannaspeech bubble

Joanna Bebawi, B.A.
Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Portrait of Ms. Alexa
Ms. Alexaspeech bubble

Alexa Christos, B.A., SLPA
Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Portrait of Ms. Rosie
Ms. Rosiespeech bubble

Rosie Saucedo, B.S – SLPA, M.S – MFTI
Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Portrait of Ms. Allison
Ms. Allisonspeech bubble

Allison Harrington, B.A., SLPA
Special Projects / Mommy Blogger
Speech Language Pathology Assistant

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When grocery shopping with your picky eater, avoid center isles (junk food) & focus on outer isles for healthy choices.


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