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MY NAME IS DAWN WINKELMANN and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and Feeding Specialist. I have over 24 years of experience evaluating and treating children with Swallowing and Feeding Disorders as well as Speech and Language Disorders. I’d like to welcome you to my private practice, Spectrum Speech & Feeding, LLC., located in beautiful Littleton, Colorado.

We at Spectrum Speech & Feeding, LLC. are dedicated to evaluating and treating children with speech, language, swallowing and feeding difficulties. We specialize in the medically fragile child, children with Down Syndrome as well as children on the autistic spectrum. We are passionate about training parents and helping children with complicated medical or sensory issues. Our goal is for your child to achieve speech and feeding victories!

My philosophy involves finding your child’s strengths and weaknesses then motivating family members to actively participate in guiding your child toward success. This team approach helps achieve their greatest potential in the shortest amount of time. Therapy involves learning through play and being very, very goofy! Kids and parents alike love the fun, the energy and ultimately the developmental progress that occurs from this type of therapeutic atmosphere. Come join the fun!

For more information regarding the variety of our services and how we can help your family, take a few minutes to listen to some parent testimonials and browse around our parent-friendly website. Feel free to contact us at info@SpectrumSpeech.com.

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If you spoon feed a child a new food without their ‘visual’ permission you will lose their trust. Visual input is key!


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